FarSync PCI Express 2 port sync low profile card

FarSync Adpt

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FarSync PCI Express 2 port sync low profile card
FarSync T2Ee PCI Express 2 port bus mastering synchronous low profile card (X.21 / V.35 / RS232 / EIA530 / RS422 / RS449 / RS485) with highly flexible clocking options, bitstream and HDLC run-time support for custom applications plus TCP/IP operation on Linux and Windows. NRZ, FM1, FM0, Conditioned Diphase or Manchester Encoding selectable, other encodings can be developed to order. APIs for Linux, Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, Server 2012, 2008, 2003, Support to allow TCP/IP to run over the adapter. To develop applications to use the API order the FarSync SDK. Cables are ordered separately FS4256 звоните
Совместимые кабели PCI Express 2 port sync
FCR2 Dual port EIA-530 (RS422) and RS232 DTE cable, DB25M connectors, 1.5 metres. Also supports X.21, V.35 and RS449 interfaces for a mixed connector operation with addition of conversion cables TCV1, TCX1 and TC449. FS6077 звоните
FCX2 Dual port X.21 (V.11) DTE cable, DB15M connectors, 2.0 metres. FS6078 звоните
FCV2 Dual port V.35 DTE cable, M34M connectors, 2.0 metres. FS6079 звоните
FC449 Dual port RS449 DTE cable, DB37M connectors, 3.0 metres. FS6080 звоните