FarSync BERT - PCIe

FarSync Monitor and Test

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FarSync BERT - PCIe
FarSync BERT Tester - PCIe BER (Bit Error Rate) line quality tester for testing synchronous lines from a PCIe card, tests X.21, RS232, V.35, RS422, RS485 (4 wire), RS530, RS449 network interfaces, it includes: FarSync T2Ee - dual port low profile PCIe adapter (standard and low profile PCIe brackets supplied) BERT Tester - software for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and Vista. Synchronous - maximum test speed 10 Mbits/s on each port. TEST CABLES INCLUDED 1 FCR2 - dual port RS232, RS530, RS422, RS485 DTE connection cable with DB25M connectors, 2 TCX1 - X.21 connection DTE cable with DB15M connectors, 2 TCV1 - V.35 connection DTE cable with M34M connectors, 2 TC449 - RS449 connection DTE cable with DB37M connectors, Loopback connector for self test. Note: Requires a PC, not supplied. FS4205 звоните
Дополнительные кабели PCIe
Null-MX X.21 double shielded crossover cable, DB15F connector to DB15F connector, 0.5 metres. Converts DTE presentation to DCE. FS6090 звоните
Null-MR4 Сombined RS530 (RS422, EIA530) and RS232 (V.24) double shielded crossover cable, DB25F connector to DB25F connector, 0.5 metres. Converts DTE presentation to DCE FS6097 звоните