Комплектующие для промышленных компьютеров

ADLINK Technology Inc.

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Комплектующие для промышленных компьютеров
ATX rear IO panel for RK-410/615 ATX KIT FOR RK-410S 975 руб.
PSU adaptor brk kit; for 1U PSU in RK-260MB series chassis; Include: 1U PSU holder x1 pcs & PSU Bracket x1 pcs. PSU ADAPTOR BRK KIT 854 руб.
Wire:UL20276 HDMI CABLE; Color:Black; Displayport(Plug) to HDMI(F) cable; L=150mm DISPLAYPORT TO HDMI CABLE 1 585 руб.
Кабель Wire:UL20276 DVI CABLE; Color:Black; Displayport(Plug) to DVI(F) cable; L=150mm DISPLAYPORT TO DVI CABLE 1 585 руб.
Кабель - Displayport cable 28AWG; Color:Black; Displayport(Plug) to D-DUB 15PIN(F) cable, L=150mm (p/n 30-01121-0020) DISPLAYPORT TO VGA CABLE 2 927 руб.
DB-Audio 2; Daughter board for; 2-channel Azalia and; AC'97 audio output DB-AUDIO 2 2 305 руб.
Assembled Ethernet cable, shielded, 4-pair, AWG 26 stranded (7- wire), RAL 5021 (sea blue), M12 plug to RJ45 plug/IP20, line, length 5 m M12-8P TO RJ45 CABLE 9 881 руб.
SCSI-VHDCI-NEW FLAT 68P,5M ACL-10568NF-5 SCSI-VHDCI(NEW FLAT) 68P MALE/MALE 5M Cable Round Cable, Color:BLACK for PCI-7442/43/44 connector ACL-10568NF-5 8 173 руб.
NVIDIA GTX1050Ti, 768 CUDA cores, 4GB GDDR5, Conduction-cooled, -40C to +75C XMC-G1050TI-R1,ETT 457 823 руб.
PICMG 1.3 workstation grade backplane supports 1x PCIe x8, 3x PCIe x4 and 8x PCI WBP-13E4 14 516 руб.
M12 A-Coding 2A 12P Cable End Female With 3.0M Cable + USB-A Jack + HD 15P Female. M12-12P TO VGA & USB CABLE 5 001 руб.
Specific terminal board for DSP-based Pulse-train motion controller with additional DIO interface DIN-825-4P0 16 523 руб.
Кабель SCSI-VHDCI-NEW FLAT 68P,1M ACL-10568NF-1 SCSI-VHDCI(NEW FLAT) 68P MALE/MALE 1M Cable Round Cable, Color:BLACK for PCI-7442/43/44 connector ACL-10568NF-1 4 147 руб.
Wire:UL21149 26AWG 80?L=100010mm Color?Red, 180(Latch) to 180(Latch) 7P SATA,180(-) TO 180(-) 243 руб.
M12 A-Coding 2A 17P Cable End Female With 3.0M Cable + D-SUB 26P male. M12-17P TO DB26M CABLE 7 075 руб.
CABLE:UL2725 28AWG8*1P24AWG*2C+AEB L=380mm-2PC, HOUSING YY-1900H-2*5P-1PCUSB A TYPE 4P FEMALE CONN-2PC USB A/F*2 TO 2.54 2*5P-SH L=400MM 366 руб.
RK-210S-BIndustrial Rackmount 2U Chassis?Black color ADI-200 FOR HPCI-D6S4 19 761 руб.
SCSI-VHDCI-NEW FLAT 68P,2M ACL-10568NF-2 SCSI-VHDCI(NEW FLAT) 68P MALE/MALE 2M Cable Round Cable, Color:BLACK for PCI-7442/43/44 connector ACL-10568NF-2 4 512 руб.
PCI-E x16 to 1 PC-E x16 & 2 PCI, w/.Cable 150mm PCB (A):190.10 mm X 73.40 mm X 1.6 mm 4 layer PCB (B):115mmX18.64mmX1.6mm 4 layer PCB (C):89.25mmX12mmX1.6mm 4 layer 2U-E1S2 RISER CARD 4 391 руб.
LGA2011 2U Cooler Size:89.7?89.7?64.3 mmInculding : fan,screw,sink.... 2011 SOCKET SINK 3 536 руб.
Процессорный кулер DELTA_FHSA9025B-1225, COOLER & RETENTION, for 2U Chassis, 95W(Max) TDP CPU LGA1156 2U COOLER 2 392 руб.
SCSI-VHDCI-NEW FLAT 68P,3M ACL-10568NF-3 SCSI-VHDCI(NEW FLAT) 68P MALE/MALE 3M Cable Round Cable, Color:BLACK for PCI-7442/43/44 connector ACL-10568NF-3 5 367 руб.
Wire?UL2651 28AWGL=45010mm With BracketCOM1 male to IDC 10P(2.0mm) COM1 WB TO IDC2-10P L=450MM 731 руб.
Wire?UL2651 28AWG L=60010mm With BracketDB-9pin male to IDC 10P(2.54mm) COM1+COM2 TO IDC 10P L=600MM 610 руб.
USB+Mini Din 6P BKT---1pc Mini Din 6P cable,UL2464 26AWG---1PC USB cable,UL2725---1PC, SCREW---4pcs USB+MINI DIN 6P WITH BKT 1 097 руб.
1x 2.5" HDD/SSD in a 3.5" adapter bracket Include: 2.5" to 3.5" Adapter Bracket x1 ,Screw #6-32 x4 ,Screw M3 x5 2.5" TO 3.5" HDD ADAPTER BRACKET 366 руб.
Delta_FFB0812SH-F00 Wire length:140±10mm, Pin 1:blue(F00);Pin 2:red(+);Pin 3:black(-);4500RPM FAN 80*80*25.4,3PIN,12VDC 1 341 руб.
Sensor/Actuator cable, 17-position, PVC, Black RAL 9005, free cable end, on Socket straight M12 SPEEDCON, A-coded, Cable length: 3 m M12-17P TO FREE CABLE 6 099 руб.
Кабель Wire:UL20276 28AWG, L=220+/-10mm DVI(24+1P) FEMALE CONNECTOR, HOUSING A2006H-2*10P(PH2.0), BRACKET STEEL*1, SCREW 4#-40UNC*2 DVI-D CABLE WITH BRACKET 1 341 руб.
Wire:28AWG,L=250+/-10mm, 2*3P(2.54mm)*1,white point on pin2, MINI DIN 6P FEMALE Purple*1, MINI DIN 6P FEMALE Green*1, Bracket STEEL*1, SCREW+NUT*4 KB/MS CABLE WITH BRACKET 366 руб.
Heatsink Material : Copper; Total Size : 84L*84W*28H(mm); Fan Dimension : 750015 Blower Fan; Rated Voltage : 12V DC INTEL LGA1156 TM 4 254 руб.
2U riser card for 1 PC-E x16 & 1 PCI 2U-E1S1 RISER CARD 3 202 руб.