Наименование Артикул Цена с НДС Купить
20P To 20P Flat Cable-500mm Connection Cable for TB-1600, 50 cm 20P To 20P Flat Cable-500mm 1 769 руб.
M-7001 System expansion power supply, 1.0A(5Vdc) M-7001 11 461 руб.
M-7002 Field power distributor, 10A(24/48Vdc, 110/220VAC) M-7002 5 455 руб.
M-7804 Potential Distribution, 8ch, 0Vdc M-7804 5 207 руб.
M-7805 Potential Distribution, 8ch, 24Vdc M-7805 5 207 руб.
M-8001-PK Removable Terminal Block, 9ea M-8001-PK 12 103 руб.
M-8003-PK Marker (0-9 numbered), White, 100ea M-8003-PK 18 087 руб.
M-8004-PK Marker (Blank), White, 100ea M-8004-PK 18 087 руб.
MX-AOPC UA Server MX-AOPC UA Active Data Acquisition Software MX-AOPC UA Server 89 106 руб.
WK-90-01 Wall Mounting Kit for ioLogik E1500 series WK-90-01 3 116 руб.