Redundancy Solutions for Genesis32 V8

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Redundancy Solutions for Genesis32 V8
DataWorX32 V8 provides OPC Server to OPC Server Data Bridging (tunneling), OPC Data Aggregation; Global Variables and Expressions. Support for OPC 3.0 DA, OPC XML and Global Aliases. DATAWORX32-V8 звоните
DataWorX32G V8 discounted price valid only if purchased on the same purchase order as a GEN32-xx or Open Series system. DATAWORX32G-V8 звоните
The Fault Tolerant GENESIS32 V8 combined with the Stratus ftServer (not included) includes a GEN32-Unlimited, a special USB port hardware licensing key and providing the rights to run two GENESIS32-Enterprise runtime licenses side by side. GENESIS32-V8-FT звоните